Stu Morley Self Portrait
"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

Stu Morley has been finding the fun in life ever since he was a child when his mum told him, while being tucked in to bed: "Next time someone tries to tease you, just laugh... and they won't know what to do!"

As an adult, while capturing the rainbow of personalities that is the human race, Stu noticed that each subject had their own insecurities and often took themselves more seriously than they should.

Feeling there is an epidemic of outrage upon us with so many self proclaimed experts preaching messages of conspiracy, he thinks that everybody needs to lighten up, break the tension, which may just open up communication.

With a bachelors degree in photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Melbourne (RMIT) and over 15 years of creating for a diverse client list, Stu has the skills and experience to fill all briefs (bikini briefs included). He would also like to mention that he has a professional support team of hair and makeup, styling, retouching and production professionals that would make a motorsport pit-crew jealous. 

Stu is always happy to chat, so please get in touch by your favourite form of communication and start to make some ideas explode.